Nimrat Kaur’s Tryst With Fitness: Yoga, Pilates And Combat Training

Nimrat Kaur's Tryst With Fitness: Yoga, Pilates And Combat Training

The very charming Nimrat Kaur has a perfectly toned and chiseled body. She regularly posts her workout videos on Instagram and inspires fans with her fitness regime. Scroll down through her profile and you will see that Nimrat Kaur includes a variety of workouts in her regime. From yoga to Pilates and headstands, there is quite a bit that Nimrat does in order to keep her in perfect shape. Including a variety of exercises in your workout regime brings newness and makes working out fun and engaging. It helps one be more aware of the body and how it reacts to different exercises.

In the post below, Nimrat Kaur is seen doing different yoga poses like the tadasasna and surya namaskar. Yoga is a fitness regime which has holistic health benefits on the body. It relaxes the mind and soul and induces great flexibility. Almost all fitness experts recommend yoga as a form of fitness. Apart from Nimrat, we have seen celebrities like Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Bipasha Basu and Soha Ali Khan among others, doing and sporting yoga as one of the most effective fitness regimes.

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Moving on, the post below shows Nimrat perfecting a headstand like a complete pro. It takes a lot of time until a person is even able to attempt a headstand. It requires you to be able to balance your body along with no issues with your back or neck. Pregnant women and those on their periods are advised to refrain from doing headstands. Speaking of health benefits of headstands, they help in reducing stress and improving blood circulation in the body. Headstands are great for strengthening your shoulders and arms and also help in improving digestion.

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Nimrat Kaur’s tryst with fitness doesn’t end here. She also includes combat training in her fitness regime. Combat training includes tyre crossfit training, deadlifts, etc. In the video below, Nimrat says that combat training empowers her. And rightly so! The training helps one become stronger, fitter and prepares a person for unforeseen challenges.