Microsoft details modern operating system that sounds like ChromeOS

  • Miles
  • June 16, 2019
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Aqua coloured windows arc mouse, surface pen and surface type coverMicrosoft is hinting at a new operating system for future devices that promises to be always connected, secure, lightweight and more. In a blog post rounding up some of the more exciting announcements from Computex 2019, Microsoft shared a forward-looking blurb that explains its goals for this “modern OS.” Throughout the post, the company outlined eight points that it thinks a modern operating system needs. Seamless updates Secure by default Always connected Sustained performance Cloud-connected AI Multi-sense Forum factor agility A lot of these points, like seamless updates and cloud-connected, are very reminiscent of Google’s ChromeOS, which is the latest desktop class OS we’ve got in a long time. Microsoft has been updating and innovating its Windows operating system for years, but it seems like the company might be trying to leave its legacy OS behind as we move into the future. The blog post makes a lot of promises — and some of them likely won’t come true — but it would be super exciting for Microsoft to make a new OS that can run on a variety of devices like phones, tablets, PCs and more.