Mumbai couple’s love story and how travel changed their life has Internet emotional. Viral post

July 13, 2019

Mumbai couple’s love story Love knows no language and no distance, no matter what the hardships maybe and this couple from Mumbai is proving just that. Shared by Humans Of Bombay on their social media pages, a couple from Mumbai are redefining the way we see arranged marriages and proving that if you find the […]

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Corporate Travel Is Getting More Customizable

July 12, 2019

Consolidation has been sweeping across the business travel industry, as many of the big travel management companies make strategic acquisitions all over the globe. With the business travel world getting smaller, employees may also see booking recommendations get a little bit more personal, according to recent analysis from Amadeus. Now it looks like new distribution […]

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Deposit Rs 18,000 crore before travelling abroad, Delhi HC tells Naresh Goyal

July 9, 2019

The Delhi High Court has refused Naresh Goyal, founder of Jet Airways, the permission to travel abroad. Justice Suresh Kait said that Goyal may submit an amount of Rs 18,000 crore beforehand, if he wants to travel abroad. He also added that an interim relief cannot be granted at this stage. The court has also […]

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Five professions for millennials who want to travel for free

July 8, 2019

Exiting and entering the country, exploring popular attractions and traveling to remote destinations are a dream for many people. But often the biggest obstacle to traveling is the cost. For this reason, many people long to travel for free, and there are more ways to travel for free than many people think. One way is […]

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Ask Ethan: Why Do Gravitational Waves Travel Exactly At The Speed Of Light?

July 7, 2019

Ripples in spacetime are what gravitational waves are, and they travel through space at the speed of light in all directions. Although the constants of electromagnetism never appear in the equations for Einstein’s General Relativity, gravitational waves undoubtedly move at the speed of light. Here’s why. EUROPEAN GRAVITATIONAL OBSERVATORY, LIONEL BRET/EUROLIOS There are two fundamental […]

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Emerging Travel Group raises $10M to expand RateHawk B2B hotel platform

July 3, 2019

The Emerging Travel Group, whose brands include Ostrovok, RateHawk and ZenHotels, has raised $10 million in funding. The round is led by technology entrepreneur Lev Leviev and the family office of Igor and Dmitri Bukhman, co-founders of game development company Playrix. The funding will go towards accelerating the group’s expansion, with particular focus on its […]

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Budget 2019: How Modi government can boost India’s travel and tourism industry like never before

July 2, 2019

Union Budget 2019 India: The Modi government should allocate a considerable amount and pay attention to the sanitation and cleanliness of all tourist places and destinations By Nishant Pitti Budget 2019 is the clear buzzword across the nation today. India’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will be presenting the Budget 2019-20 in the Parliament on July […]

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Tune Protect: The safer way to travel

July 1, 2019

With an increase in travel from or to the Middle East region, Jamal Abdulnazar, CEO at Cozmo Travel recommends some key steps for travellers with regards to travel protection. Tune Protect strives to become the leading digital insurance provider in EMEIA, offering a unique value proposition to clients and business partners through its avant-garde approach and […]

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How to shrink your carbon footprint when you travel

June 29, 2019

When I fly from New York City to Denver for the Fourth of July, I will be able to spend my time at cruising altitude reflecting on the fact that I’ll be helping melt nearly 14,000 pounds of glacier ice, courtesy of the 430 kilograms of carbon dioxide my trip will emit. Other than feel guilty or stay home, what’s […]

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Dominican Republic Travel: Is It Safe?

June 25, 2019

Recent deaths and illnesses in the Dominican Republic are making travelers wary of traveling to this sunny Caribbean island. GETTY There’s trouble in paradise. A string of suspicious deaths in the Dominican Republic is raising serious safety concerns about traveling to this popular Caribbean island, and with the news of yet another American traveler dying there while on vacation, […]

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